Ringtone Designer FAQ

1. How do I use ringtones made with Ringtone Designer on my iPhone?

  1. -For detailed instructions, watch this short YouTube video:


2. Why do I have to use iTunes?  Why doesn’t Ringtone Designer just put the ringtones directly on my iPhone?

- Currently, Apple won’t allow any apps to put ringtones directly in the iPhone’s ringtones directory.  However, if Apple supports this feature in the future, it will be added to Ringtone Designer as soon as possible.

3. When I try to check ‘Sync Ringtones’ in iTunes, I get a warning that all my music and videos will be deleted.  What do I do?

- Instead of syncing your ringtones, drag them from the ‘Ringtones’ section of your iTunes ‘Library’ into the ‘Ringtones’ section of your iPhone.

4. Only one or two ringtones are showing up on my phone even though I’ve synced more than that.  Why aren’t the others showing up?

- This is believed to be a bug in iTunes.  To overcome it, try re-starting your iPhone.  To do that, hold down the iPhone's top sleep button until you see a red slider.  Slide the red slider to power the iPhone off.  After the iPhone is completely shut down, hold the top sleep button until the iPhone comes on again.  If you still don’t see your custom ringtones after the re-start, try to re-sync them.

6. I’ve watched the video and read all these Frequently Asked Questions and I’m still having problems.  What do I do now?

- Send an email to feedback [at] blackoutlabs [dot] com

5. How do I delete ringtone files from the app?

- You can delete ringtones via the iTunes File Sharing section.  In the File Sharing section, just highlight the ringtone file you’d like to delete and press the ‘delete’ or ‘backspace’ key on your keyboard.